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We offer you a wide selection of wrestling shoes from top brands Adidas, Asics and NikeOur models are worn by world champions and are suitable for beginners and professionals. Get the ultimate quality and grip on the mat for training and competition.

High-quality wrestling shoes for women, men and children

High-quality wrestling shoes for women, men and children, designed for optimal grip, ankle support and lightweight. 

Thanks to mesh materials, our shoes offer excellent breathability and flexibility for ambitious wrestlers - both beginners and professionals.

Choose from top brands like Adidas, Asics or Nike and find the perfect size for maximum comfort and performance.

Please do not forget to take care of regular care and maintenance of your wrestling shoes after purchase to increase their longevity.

Important note: Of course, you can use the shoes not only for wrestling, but also for MMA, boxing, sambo or grappling training.


What are the benefits of wrestling shoes?

Wrestling shoes are an essential part of every wrestler's equipment. They not only offer improved support and stability on the mat, but also contribute significantly to the athlete's performance and safety. Below you will find more details about the benefits of wrestling shoes and why they are so important for practicing this sport.

  • Improved grip and stability: Wrestling shoes are specifically designed to provide excellent traction on the wrestling mat. The soles of these shoes are usually made of rubber or another material that ensures optimal grip. This helps athletes move quickly and precisely without losing their grip. This improved grip allows wrestlers to stand securely during matches and execute holds and techniques effectively.
  • Support and protection: In addition to improved support, wrestling shoes also provide essential support for the feet and ankles. They are designed to fit snugly around the foot, providing additional protection and stability to the ankles. This is particularly important because wrestling matches often require rapid movements and abrupt changes of direction, which can result in serious injury without proper protection.
  • Flexibility and freedom of movement: Despite their stabilizing properties, wrestling shoes are designed to provide maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. The materials and design of these shoes allow athletes to move without restrictions and still be protected. This contributes to overall performance by allowing athletes to execute their techniques more efficiently.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: Wrestling shoes are usually very light, which is very beneficial for athletes as they rely on speed and agility. The low weight helps during long training sessions and strenuous competitions. Manufacturers also attach great importance to comfort by using breathable materials. These ensure good air circulation and keep your feet dry and cool.
  • Individual style: Wrestling shoes come in a variety of designs and colors, giving athletes the opportunity to express their personal style and individuality. At Phantom Athletics you will find a variety of wrestling shoe models from Adidas and Nike in a variety of colors to match your outfit perfectly.

In summary, wrestling shoes offer a combination of improved grip, support, flexibility and comfort. All of this makes them an essential piece of equipment for every wrestler. Not only do they protect against injuries, but they also help improve overall performance. Therefore, investing in a quality pair of wrestling shoes is a wise decision for anyone who wants to seriously participate in the sport.

Can you also use wrestling shoes for MMA or boxing?

Wrestling shoes are specifically designed for the demands of wrestling, but offer features that potentially make them attractive for other combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA) or boxing. 

  • For MMA: Wrestling shoes offer excellent traction and flexibility, which can also be beneficial for MMA fighters. This particularly applies to the standing phases of the fight or when wrestling on the ground. Their lightweight construction and tight fit support quick movements and agility, which can be crucial in MMA fights. However, it is important to note that shoes are prohibited in the vast majority of MMA competitions, so wrestling shoes can usually only be worn in MMA training.
  • For boxes: In boxing, the need for traction and footwork is similar to wrestling, so wrestling shoes can theoretically offer advantages here too. However, boxing shoes are usually higher cut than wrestling shoes. Nevertheless, many boxers also use wrestling shoes in boxing training and competition, as they also meet the demands of boxing and support quick lateral movements and abrupt stopping movements.

How tight should wrestling shoes be?

The fit of wrestling shoes is critical to a wrestler's performance and comfort. Wrestling shoes should be snug, but not so tight that they cause discomfort or circulation problems. A correct fit allows the athlete to have maximum control and stability during competition or training. 

  • Snug but not restrictive: Wrestling shoes should fit snugly around the foot to ensure optimal support. A shoe that is too loose can slip during a fight, impairing mobility or even leading to injury. At the same time, the shoe should not be so tight that it causes pain or restricts blood circulation.
  • Toe box: While the shoe should fit snugly, it is important that there is enough room in the toe area so that the toes can move easily. This contributes to overall balance and agility. A good indicator of sufficient space is when there is a small gap (about the width of a thumb) between the longest toes and the end of the shoe.
  • Heel fit: The heel should sit firmly in the shoe without slipping. A good wrestling shoe keeps the heel stable and prevents unnecessary movement. This avoids the development of blisters or irritation during the fight.
  • Material and stretch: The materials from which wrestling shoes are made can stretch and conform to the shape of the foot over time. It is important to take this into account when purchasing new shoes. Shoes that may seem a little too tight at first can adapt to the foot after a few training sessions and ultimately provide a perfect fit.

A snug fit is critical to preventing injury, optimizing performance and maximizing comfort. 

How do wrestling shoes turn out?

As mentioned above, wrestling shoes should fit snugly around the foot to allow for maximum control on the mat. But they shouldn't be too small. We carry wrestling shoes from Adidas and Nike, which are smaller than usual. For Adidas wrestling shoes you should choose half a size larger, for Nike wrestling shoes you should choose a full size larger.

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