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Mouthguards & mouth guards

A mouthguard or teeth guard is the most important part of yours Martial arts protective equipment an injury to the teeth is painful and can be expensive. That's why you should go to one first and foremost high-quality mouthguard invest.

Even if you're just starting out Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai or another martial art If you are starting out and are not yet sparring, accidental punches or kicks can cause injuries to your teeth or jaw area.

It is therefore important that the mouthguard is comfortable to wear and that every part of your teeth is properly covered.

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Buy professional mouth guards & mouth guards for martial arts

Safety and performance go hand in hand in martial arts. At Phantom Athletics we understand this and that's why we offer you a high quality selection of mouth guards that are specifically designed to help you Training and in Competitions to protect. In addition to Phantom mouthguards, our range also includes products from the #1 brand from the USA: Shock Doctor.

A must-have for fighters

A good Mouthguard is indispensable in martial arts. It protects your teeth and jaw from possible injuries that can be caused by hard punches and kicks. But not all mouthguards are the same. At Phantom Athletics we focus on combining protection and comfort.

Precise & comfortable fit

Our mouth guards are designed to conform to your teeth for precise and comfortable fit to ensure. They're lightweight and don't interfere excessively with breathing or communication, so you can fully concentrate on your performance.

Phantom Athletics mouthguards are made of durable, high quality materials manufactured that guarantee a long service life. They are easy to clean and maintain, so you always have the best possible protection.

“boil & bite” technology

They feature so-called “Boil & Bite” technology, which means they are soaked in hot water and then you bite on them. The soft material now adapts perfectly to each individual tooth and the mouthguard offers you the best possible comfort and protection.

The selection of Phantom Athletics mouthguards includes different models and colors, so you can choose a mouthguard that suits your style and gives you confidence on the way to victory.

For beginners & professionals

Our mouthguards are not just for professionals, but for everyone who takes their sport seriously. Whether you're just starting training or an experienced fighter, a good mouthguard is a must-have in your martial arts gear.

Check out our collection of mouth guards and find the one that suits you best. Phantom Athletics – Your reliable partner for martial arts protection. Because your safety is important to us.

And remember... in addition to a high-quality mouth guard, it counts Deep protector and Boxing bandages one of the absolutely essential things in your martial arts equipment.

Also suitable for braces wearers

With fixed braces, the mouth guard not only fulfills the traditional purpose of protecting the teeth, but also provides additional protection for the lips and gums. Sharp-edged, fixed braces can otherwise cause injuries and cuts. There are special braces mouth guard models for people who wear braces, which you can find in our shop for mouth guards, for example here: Mouthguards for braces wearers


Why is a mouthguard so important in martial arts?

An injury to your teeth can be very painful and expensive. The upper row of teeth in particular is exposed to intense impact during martial arts. Using a professional mouth guard significantly reduces the risk of permanent tooth damage. For this reason, a mouth guard should be the absolute first piece of your protective equipment.

How do I find the right fit for my mouthguard?

Most of our mouthguards are thermally deformable and adapt perfectly to your teeth when heated. Each mouthguard comes with detailed fitting instructions. This ensures a perfect fit and comfort.

How do I care for and clean my mouthguard?

You should rinse your face mask with cold water and let it dry after each use. You can then store the mouthguard in the tin provided.

Can I breathe and speak normally with a face mask?

Of course, every mouth guard restricts breathing and speaking somewhat because it sits on your teeth. However, our mouthguards are very slim to make breathing as easy as possible during martial arts. It might be a little strange at first, but over time you will get used to it and your oxygen intake will not be affected in any way.

Are Phantom Athletics mouthguards suitable for all martial arts?

Yes, our mouth guards are suitable for all martial arts that involve an increased risk of punches and kicks to the face, including boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing and more. However, mouth guards can also be worn in grappling sports such as wrestling or BJJ.