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Fight shorts & leggings

Discover our selection of high quality and functional Fight Shorts, ideal for martial arts such as MMA, Boxing, No-gi bjj and Kickboxing.

Phantom Athletics Shorts are specifically tailored to the needs of professional & amateur fighters to provide maximum Freedom of movement and optimal Performance to ensure.

Martial arts fight shorts for men

Our Phantom Athletics Fightshort collection offers a selection of high quality and functional shorts that are specifically designed for demanding martial arts such as MMA, Boxing, BJJ and Kickboxing were developed. Each of our shorts is designed with the goal of ensuring martial artists maximum freedom of movement and optimal performance.

With their specially designed cut, they allow unrestricted Freedom of movement, which is particularly important to achieve peak performance in the cage, ring or on the mat.

Our shorts not only impress with their functionality, but also with their robustness and Durability. Thanks to the use of high quality materials and careful workmanship, they are able to withstand even the most demanding Training sessions and Competitions to withstand.

With us you will not only find different designs, but also different models of martial arts pants:

So there is something for every taste.