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Compression shorts for men

Here you will find a selection of our compression shorts for men, which offer you ultimate comfort, support and freedom of movement for your martial arts

The perfect, snug fit and the breathable material ensure that you can focus on what's important while exercising. 

Compression shorts in martial arts

No matter whether MMA, boxing or Nogi BJJ, our compression shorts are the ideal companion for training, sparring and competition. Browse our collection now and find the perfect shorts for your martial arts. Compression shorts are worn in a variety of martial arts. These primarily include MMA, Muay Thai and Nogi BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). 

What are compression shorts?

Compression shorts are tight-fitting fight shorts made of synthetic fibers that are usually worn without additional boxer shorts and offer you several advantages during training.

They are elastic and therefore give you maximum freedom of movement. They are also sweat-wicking, keeping you drier than traditional underwear. Compression shorts are sometimes also used Vale tudo shorts called. They are available in different lengths and in many designs and colors.

What do compression shorts do?

The main purpose of compression shorts is to provide a snug fit. The compression should lead to better blood circulation in the body and thus better performance during sports and better regeneration. 

Why should you wear compression shorts for martial arts?

Compression shorts in martial arts often serve the purpose of your Jockstrap to stow away. All Phantom Compression Shorts have an internal mesh pocket in which you can put, for example: Phantom vector groin guard cup can push.

Thanks to the tight fit, the groin guard sits perfectly in position and does not interfere with training and competition. In addition, compression shorts offer less attack surface for the opponent, who cannot hold you to your shorts in the fight.  

How tight do compression shorts have to be?

Compression shorts should feel tight, but still be comfortable to wear and not constrict. You should have enough space, especially in the crotch, to move your legs without problems, otherwise unpleasant abrasions can occur.

At Phantom Athletics we tailor our compression shorts so that you can choose your traditional size that you also wear with your other shorts and pants. There is no reason to choose the shorts a size smaller.

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