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MMA fight + sparring gloves

Here you will find high quality MMA gloves for training and competition. All models are unisex and can be worn by women and men. We offer you:

  • MMA fight gloves with 4 Oz (ounces)
  • Mma sparring gloves with 6-8 Oz (ounces)

Our models were developed and tested with the professionals from the Phantom Fight Team. In this way we create the best functionality and protection in this demanding sport.

MMA gloves for men & women

Phantom Athletics sees itself as an innovator in the field of MMA gloves. For this reason, our entire range is unisex and can be worn by women and men alike.

We develop our models to provide you and your training partner with the best possible protection and to offer you maximum freedom of movement for your hands. In addition, our MMA gloves are made from durable materials and are both durable and resilient. Everything for your success in the cage, in the ring or on the mat.

With us you will find a large selection of both 4 Oz (ounces) Fight gloves as well as Sparring models, where the ounces range from 6-8 Oz. We also offer a mix of these two types, so-called hybrid models.

What are MMA gloves?

MMA stands for “Mixed martial arts“ – a full-contact martial art in which a variety of martial arts disciplines are used to combine the most effective techniques in training and fighting. Elements from standing combat (Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing) with elements from ground combat (Bjj, wrestling, judo) combined.

Due to this diversity in the sport of MMA, it is important that your gloves do not hinder you and offer you the greatest possible flexibility while providing comprehensive protection. In addition to boxing gloves, a good MMA glove is one of everyone's basics Fight equipment.

As opposed to classic boxing gloves or Muay Thai gloves mMA gloves usually have an open palm and free fingers. This means you have full control even when fighting on the ground.

At Phantom Athletics we develop MMA gloves that give you the perfect combination Protection and Agility offer. There are different models to suit every purpose and every fighting style.

MMA fight gloves

The most well-known MMA gloves are so-called “fight gloves”, as they have always been seen at international events such as UFC knows. They have a free thumb, as well as a free palm, free fingers and a relatively thin padding over the knuckles.

Predominantly these gloves are just 4 Oz (ounces) heavy. MMA fight gloves are becoming more and more popular not only in MMA, but also in... Stand-up fights like Muay Thai or K1 used.

Our most popular FIGHT models:

MMA sparring gloves / MMA gloves for amateur fights

So-called “MMA sparring gloves” are thicker MMA gloves with much more extensive padding and a higher protective effect. This type of glove has a thick main padding that can be roughly compared to the padding of a 10 oz boxing glove. In addition, the thumbs are usually protected by additional padding.

These MMA sparring gloves are especially in training used to protect your hands and, above all, your training partner, while still offering you full freedom of movement on the ground in grappling. It is also used frequently MMA amateur fighting instead to minimize the risk of injury. MMA sparring gloves mostly have one Weight of approximately 6-8 oz (ounces).

Our most popular MMA sparring gloves:

Hybrid mma gloves

“Hybrid gloves” are MMA gloves that fall between FIGHT and SPARRINGS models. They are usually equipped with slightly thicker padding and thumb protection, but are lighter and slimmer than classic sparring gloves. They are the best for training with Pratz or on Sandbag as well as light sparring.

Our most popular hybrid gloves:google


Which MMA gloves should I buy?

As described above, a distinction is usually made between MMA competition gloves, MMA training and sparring gloves and hybrid models. If you are just starting out with MMA and want to buy your first pair of gloves, you should choose a safe sparring model, such as the RIOT or APEX Sparring gloves. If you have been doing MMA for a while, please take a look at our competition models APEX or Blackout for realistic training and maximum performance during your fights.

How many Oz (ounces) are MMA gloves?

For large organizations, the weight of official competition gloves is usually set at 4 ounces. This corresponds to approximately 113 g per glove. Other MMA gloves are primarily between 4-6 oz (ounces) for competition and hybrid gloves and 6-8 oz (ounces) for sparring and training MMA gloves.

Purpose Weight
Official competitions 4 Oz (ounces)
Other competitions 4-6 Oz (ounces)
Sparring & training 6-8 Oz (ounces)

How many Oz do UFC gloves have?

The weight of the official UFC MMA gloves is usually 4 Oz (ounces), which corresponds to around 113 grams per glove. However, since the size of UFC gloves varies between weight classes (XS-4XL), larger gloves are of course slightly heavier than smaller ones. So the weight is between 4 and 6 oz per glove.

How do I find the right size for MMA gloves?

In order to find the right size for your MMA gloves, you should make sure that your gloves have a good fit so that they don't slip during training. But they shouldn't be too tight either, otherwise they could constrict the blood in your hands.

The easiest way to determine your MMA glove size is to: measure the circumference of your palm at its widest point. Please make sure to include the scope Bandages to measure if you want to wear them under your MMA gloves. The bandages increase the circumference of your palm.

At Phantom the following size table generally applies to all of our MMA gloves:

Size Hand circumference
S/M up to 21 cm
L/XL from 21 cm

Do you wear bandages under MMA gloves?

In principle, MMA gloves can be used both with and without bandages. During harder training with more impact, you should use bandages to protect your hands even better. Shorter ones are particularly suitable here Boxing bandages with 200 cm or 250 cmso that they can still fit under the small MMA gloves. You can also do this during competitions or professional training professional bandaging and tapes grip to protect your hands as best as possible.

ICA will show you the correct binding technique for MMA bandages Cutman Roland Aicher in our YouTube video How do you tie mma fight bandages?

Can you wash MMA gloves?

No, MMA gloves cannot be washed in the washing machine. The washing process poses a risk that the foam or leather/PU used will break and the gloves will lose their shape. As with other martial arts equipment, it is sufficient if MMA gloves are dried well and wiped with a damp cloth. This ensures a long service life.

How do I properly care for my MMA gloves?

To keep your MMA gloves in good condition, you should wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly after each training session. This will help you keep away unpleasant odors as best as possible and enjoy your gloves for a long time. A good way to keep your gloves fresh are the Phantom gloves Odor remover against bacteria and sweat odor.