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Compression shirts for men

Here you will find first-class compression shirts for men that offer you maximum freedom of movement, protection and comfort for your martial arts.

The perfect fit (long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops) and the breathable material ensure that you can concentrate on what's important. 

No matter whether MMA, boxing or BJJ, our compression shirts are the ideal companion for training, sparring and competition. Browse our collection now and find the perfect compression shirt for your next martial arts session.

  • Compression shirt men's short sleeve
  • Compression shirt men's long sleeve
  • Compression tank top men

Compression shirt men's short sleeve

Short sleeve compression shirts are our best-selling models in martial arts. They offer you maximum freedom of movement and leave your forearms free, which is sometimes more comfortable when wearing Boxing gloves or MMA glovesn can be. 

Compression shirt men's long sleeve

Long sleeve compression shirts offer you the same performance benefits as short sleeve compression shirts, but they also protect the forearms and elbows. This can be more comfortable when fighting on the ground to protect the elbows from abrasions on the mat.

In addition, long-sleeved compression shirts are often worn in the colder seasons to keep the body warm during training and prevent injuries. 

Compression tank top men

Compression tank tops, also known as sleeveless shirts, only cover the upper body and leave the arms completely exposed. They offer you even more freedom of movement during training and are particularly comfortable to wear on hot days. 

Compression shirts in martial arts

Compression shirts are worn in a variety of martial arts, most notably MMA, Muay Thai or BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). 

What is a compression shirt?

Compression shirts are tight-fitting training shirts made of synthetic fibers that offer you several advantages during training. They are elastic and therefore offer you maximum freedom of movement. They're also sweat-wicking, keeping you drier than traditional cotton shirts. Compression shirts, also known as “rash guards,” are available in many designs and colors.

What does a compression shirt do?

The main purpose of a compression shirt is to provide a snug fit. The compression should lead to better blood circulation in the body and thus better performance during sports and better regeneration. 

Why should you wear compression shirts for martial arts?

In addition, compression shirts have a protective effect in martial arts. They protect you from scratches in sparring and mat burn during ground fighting. And thanks to the snug fit, you're less likely to get caught during a fight and offer less of an attack surface.

In some amateur competitions or BJJ, compression shirts can even be required by the organizer. 

How tight does a compression shirt have to be?

A compression shirt should feel tight but still be comfortable to wear and not constrict. You should still have enough space to move your arms without problems, especially in the armpit area, otherwise unpleasant abrasions can occur.

At Phantom Athletics , we tailor our compression shirts so that you can choose your traditional size that you also wear with your other clothing tops. There is no reason to choose the shirts a size smaller. 

What other compression clothing is there?

In addition to compression shirts, you can also find them at Phantom Athletics Compression shorts as well as long Compressions pants that are also called "leggings", "spats" or "tights" calls. 
Here you come to Overall overview of our compression clothing.