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Phantom Athletics has been strengthened since 2018 Wrestling represent sports. We specialize in it, extreme high quality products for wrestlers and to work intensively with the scene. This close cooperation resulted, among other things, in the Phantom wrestling jerseys, which are the best on the market. With us you will find:

  • Wrestling jerseys for training
  • Wrestling jersey sets for competitions according to UWW guidelines
  • Wrestling jerseys for children
  • Individual wrestling jerseys for clubs

We now also count several of the best and most successful wrestlers in Europe on the Phantom Athletics team. Here are a few names that probably speak for themselves:

The unique wrestling jerseys from Phantom

Through the close contact to the wrestling scene and the Cooperation with countless top athletes we have succeeded in developing wrestling jerseys that meet the requirements of modern martial artists in terms of fit, design and style.

Gone are the days of shapeless, boring jerseys. Phantom wrestling suits impress with one outstanding cut and comfort, so you can focus on your training or battle.

The special and patented "SILVERPLUS®" treatment works antibacterial and ensures that our jerseys smell less. Even if you wear them to training camp several times a week. In addition, we make sure that our jerseys are particularly durable, breathable and sweat-wicking. 

Wrestling jerseys for training and competition

For international competitions, the official ones usually apply Uww (united world wrestling) Guidelines. These specify, among other things, the neckline, colors and the thickness of the stripes of all wrestling singlets. Our Phantom wrestling jerseys correspond to these UWW guidelines and can therefore be worn at international competitions, European or World Championships.

National competitions often have their own guidelines, but these are largely based on the UWW guidelines. Our Phantom wrestling suits are also often worn at state championships, for example.

In competition, each wrestler needs two jerseys. A "Red" and a "Blue" depending on which corner it is assigned to. The jerseys can have their own design. Only the elements such as stripes on the legs and back have to show the official red and blue colors.

In training, however, there are no specifications for the design of wrestling suits. For this reason, the athlete can freely choose which jersey they prefer to wear. At Phantom we offer a range of training jerseys in different designs. 

Individual wrestling jerseys for clubs and associations

Phantom produces and customizes thousands of wrestling jerseys every year wrestling clubs and wrestling associations. Our customers appreciate the uncomplicated approach, the creative design of our graphics department as well as fast production, outstanding quality and fair prices.

We put the design requests and ideas quickly and easily and can thus create individual suits for everyone. Both wrestling jersey sets for competitions that comply with the official UWW guidelines and training jerseys are possible.

If you are interested in your own wrestling jersey, simply contact us here: Request for custom wrestling club apparel 

Outfitter of the ÖRSV

In addition to a large number of clubs Phantom Athletics has also been the official supplier of the for years ÖRSV, the Austrian wrestling association. The best wrestlers in Austria rely on Phantom Athletics when they step on the mat nationally and internationally. 

beach wrestling

Beach wrestling is a modern type of wrestling, which, unlike the classic sport, is fought on sand. The clothing is also different. Beach wrestlers do not wear wrestling shirts, but rather short ones Fight shorts or Compression shorts.
Ladies also wear shorts and a sports bra or tank top. Also, all athletes wrestle barefoot.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to wrestle? / What do you wear to wrestle?

Wrestling jerseys are required for wrestling competitions. These are tight-fitting, elastic suits that cover about half of the thighs on the legs and have thin straps on the upper body. Each wrestler needs 2 jerseys - blue and red, depending on which "corner" he is starting for, so that the referee can distinguish the wrestlers and award points accordingly.

Under a wrestling jersey you usually only wear Underwear or Compression shorts. In addition, special Wrestling shoes Regulation, which cover the ankle with a high shaft and provide more grip on the mat.

There are no special regulations in training. Here wrestlers wear mostly shorts and training shirts

Do you have to wear a specific suit when wrestling?

Yes. At official championships, all competitors must wear so-called wrestler jerseys. These ensure that all athletes are dressed the same and that there are no disadvantages. Wrestling jerseys leave arms and legs free so that the athletes can grab each other well. In addition, they are tight-fitting and don't get in the way of too much fabric when fighting. 

What to wear under a wrestling jersey

Under a wrestling jersey you usually only wear Underwear or Compression shorts, but no additional upper part. A groin guard is not usually worn in wrestling either. Ladies are not allowed to wear underwired bras to minimize the risk of injury. 

What material are wrestling jerseys made of?

Wrestling jerseys are usually made of elastic polyester fabrics or polyester blends. They are light, breathable, comfortable to wear and relatively tear-resistant. In addition, the wrestling suits are close to the body and do not interfere with fighting.

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